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Rapicid 200ml.

Rapicid 200ml.


Disinfection of the water system (tubing of the drinking fountain) Disinfection and cleaning liquid, soluble in water.

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Disinfection of the water system (tubing of the drinking fountain) Disinfection and cleaning liquid, soluble in water.

It destroys viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

For disinfecting with the use of the atomisation method, apply the solution of 2 cubic centimetres for 2 litres of water.

For sanitisation and disinfection of water, apply not more than 2 cubic centimetres per 10 litres of water once a month.

The product is biodegradable in external environment.

Liquid preparation for disinfecting and sanitising , with washing properties. Composition: Active iodine, phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, water, and ionic surfactants. The properties and effect of Rapicid is the combination of iodophor with detergent. Owing to this, it shows a wide spectrum of virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal properties, as well as cleaning properties. Rapicid inactivates among others viruses, foot and mouth disease, swine vesicular disease, swine fever, Aujeszky’s disease, rabies, Newcastle disease and Marek’s disease, and also destroys Aspergillus fumigatus, Candida albicans and Microsporum canis. The content of surfactants facilitates the penetration of the working solutions of Rapicid into the porous surfaces and surfaces difficult to decontaminate. Working solutions of the preparation are stable and do not lose activity in the presence of substances and organic impurities or at low temperatures. Working solutions are characterised by low toxicity, they do not exhibit irritating or sensitising properties, and do not destroy the disinfected surface. The product is biodegradable in external environment.


Cleaning as well as disinfection of premises for all species of breeding animals, means of transport, laboratory equipment, veterinary equipment, zootechnical equipment, soaking disinfectant mats and sanitization of water.


and precautions. The preparation should not be used for inactivating bacterial spores and mycobacteria in the conditions of livestock facilities.

Application and dosage

Rapicid is used in the form of solutions for pouring, spraying, dipping or wiping disinfected objects, atomizing premises with the use of high pressure equipment, as well as soaking disinfectant mats and filling of passage swimming pools. Working solutions are prepared by mixing the appropriate volume of the preparation with water. The temperature of working solutions should not be higher than 43 ° C. Before performing proper disinfection, it is necessary to remove animals and redundant equipment from the disinfected premises. The excess organic matter should be removed mechanically, which increases the effectiveness of performed disinfection treatments.

It is recommended to use solutions with the following concentrations:

1 : 100/200 – disinfection in the places of outbreaks of infectious diseases depending on the degree of surface contamination and the type of microorganism)

1: 400 – General disinfection of the premises for animals


1 : 500 – atomizing in the premises in the presence of animals

1 : 600 – disinfection of veterinary, zootechnical and laboratory tools and equipment (for 10-15 minutes)

– disinfection of eggs in poultry hatcheries

1 : 2500 – sanitization of drinking water for animals. One hour after the application of the preparation, the disinfected surfaces should be rinsed with a strong stream of water and left to dry. The loss of the yellow colour of the working solution indicated the need of its replacement.


It is forbidden to mix the preparation with other disinfectants and chemical substances, especially alkaline ones and with bleaches. It is necessary to avoid decontaminating areas or devices made of aluminium or its alloys.

Storage conditions

Store in original, tightly closed containers in well-ventilated areas. Keep away from sources of fire. Warnings In its concentrated form, the preparation has irritating properties. When preparing the working solutions, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment. Keep out of the reach of children.

Grace period

Does not apply.

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