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About Our Farm

Welcome to the website of THE “Raba” CHINCHILLA BREEDING FARM, located in Myślenice, near Krakow.


“Raba” is one of the biggest and most modern farms in Poland. We provide comprehensive supplies for chinchilla farms, offer help and cooperate with breeders. The farm was established in 1991, on the basis of chinchillas and breeding technologies purchased at a renowned farm from Germany. Besides, we have the lines bought in Canada, Denmark and Finland. Our animals have been evaluated and supervised by judges of the National Animal Breeding Centre (KCHZ) in Warsaw for 15 years. In 1996, our farm has been awarded the status of the Breeding Farm, which includes Standard and Black Velvet chinchillas (identification number K – 002) as well as Beige chinchillas (number K – 022).

Currently there are nearly 600 females and 100 males of foundation stock, Standard and Black Velvet, and about 80 Beige, Wilson White, Mosaic, Violet, Ebony and Sapphire chinchillas. The total number of animals, including foundation and young stock, amounts to between 1500 and 2000. Our animals have been awarded Champion titles at the National Pet Shows in Warsaw as well as Champion titles and Gold Medals at the National Pet Shows in Poznań and regional pet shows. Our greatest successes are the international champion titles awarded at pet shows in Brno, Prague and Nitra.

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The Farm – educational base

The “RABA” Farm serves as the educational base for Polish agricultural institutions of higher education. 4 PhD theses and 46 Master’s theses have been written on the basis of our animals.

The perspectives for the breeding of these chinchillas look very promising. We have very good breeding stock in Poland as well as extensive facilities for the production of feed and farm equipment. Skins manufactured in Poland still do not satisfy the demand, and breeders are getting higher and higher prices from Brent Poley or at skin auctions held in Copenhagen.