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Purchase of Skins

Chinchillas have the most delicate and the most beautiful fur. This is due to their quite strong skin, very thick fur, lightness, flexibility and unusual thermal properties.


When chinchillas are 5-6 months old, we select animals for further breeding or skinning. The ones that are going to be slaughtered reach fur maturity and required size between the ages of 8-12 months. Throughout this period, chinchillas take dust baths even every day, and when they are seven months old, we use a special comb to remove dead fur and prevent entanglement. Chinchillas that are going to be slaughtered are big, with smooth and shiny fur. We check the maturity of their fur by blowing into it.

Chinchillas are slaughtered using electric currents, whereas skinning is done using the open method. The most frequent mistakes made during the skinning process include:

  • leaving flesh,
  • insufficient degreasing,
  • improper forming of the skin
  • blisters,
  • tears and blisters.

skóry11Dried skins are kept at temperatures between 10-16 degrees Celsius. They are sent for tanning after a month, at the latest. Our skins are light, flexible, very well degreased, glossy and fluffy.

More information about slaughtering and skinning – on the DVD, it is possible to buy it at our “Raba” Farm.

Purchase of Chinchillas, Pelts and Hides.

skóryWe purchase chinchillas for skins for cash when they are 6-8 months old. Money is paid out at the moment of sale. The same rules apply to pelts. Since 1995, we have been purchasing hides for Canchilla Ass. LTD, Mr William and Brend Poley from Canada. This company belongs to the largest international enterprises specialising in trading chinchilla skins.

With the participation of Brent Poley, such purchases are organised in February, March and October. In order to appropriately prepare skins for sale, we bought the technology for tanning. Our tannery is recommended by many renowned brokers, furriers and breeders, who have been using our services for many years.


What should a breeder do to tan and sell skins at our company:CIMG3433(1)

  • deliver pelts or hides,
  • mark skins with seals (they can be ordered by phone),
  • fill in the protocol of accepting skins for tanning. This document is required for settlement after sale. (it can be downloaded in the “Download Files” tab and on this page)

If a breeder has not bought seals before or does not have the acceptance protocol, we will do it at the farm.

Every skin is individually priced by Brent Poley. After the sale, a breeder gets a receipt including the quantity and prices of skins. Money is transferred to a breeder’s bank account after the sale.

Hides or live animals can be sold only by breeders cooperating with the Raba Chinchilla Farm.



The Acceptance Protocol