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Vitamin A+D3,E,C

Vitamin A+D3,E,C


Vitamin A+D3,E,C 200ml

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Vitamin A+D3,E,C 200ml Vitamin preparation for dissolving in water.


Intended use and procedures for application:

The premixture is intended to periodically replenish vitamin deficiencies, in

thermal, transport and adaptive stress, in the nutrition of chinchillas, in

in the reproduction, pregnancy and postnatal period, during

convalescence. Recommended for males.

It stimulates resistance of animals to infections :: strengthens the protective barrier of the body :: influences the normal bone mineralisation :: supplements vitamin deficiencies

Vitamin A is responsible for the process of the correct vision, the physiological process of regeneration and function of epithelia.Vitamin D3 regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism and participates in the correct bone mineralisation and formation of egg shells.Vitamin E performs oxidative functions, its deficiency causes brain softening, exudative diathesis, muscular dystrophy, muscle stomach myopathies, fat tissue necrosis, decrease in hatching eggs and late dying of embryos, and disorders in sperm production in males.

Vitamin C has a protective effect on the endothelium of blood vessels, having a beneficial effect on blood microcirculation. In addition, it accelerates the process of wound healing and bone fusions, and by enhancing diuresis, it acts on the body in a detoxicating way.

The PREMIXTURE easily dissolves in water. Can be used in the systems of droplet water dispensers. Administer in drinking water once a month. Dosage according to the flyer included in the packaging.

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