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Dezosan 1 kg. Dezosan Wigor is used for poultry, pigs, cattle, horses as well as fur animals.

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Dezosan 1 kg.

Dezosan Wigor is used for poultry, pigs, cattle, horses as well as fur animals.

The preparation for dry disinfection is used for sanitary protection, and therefore it is very popular among chinchilla breeders for the disinfection of bedding and places at water dispensers, since it perfectly minimises the possibility of diseases in animals and improves the microclimate in the building.

The beneficial effect allows for a common use of the offered preparation for dry disinfection, also in animal shelters.

The basic advantages of the Dezosan Wigor disinfectant include:

•effective combating of bacteria, viruses and fungi

•long-lasting effect

•reduction of larvae and flies

• reducing the amount of ammonia


•possible to use in the presence of animals

•drying the disinfected surfaces


Instructions for use

Dezosan Wigor preparation is used for dry disinfection. The agent should be spread on the surface which we want to disinfect. Depending on the degree of soiling, the dose in the range of 40-100 gm? is applied. Another disinfection should be repeated after 7 days. When using the product for the first time, disinfection should be performed every day for 3 days, and then every 7 days. It is possible to use Dezosan Wigor on every surface: pens, communication roads, slatted floors, bedding, etc.


DEZOSAN WIGOR is promoted by the Polish Society of Veterinary Sciences.

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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