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A book “Chinchillas Step by Step”

A book “Chinchillas Step by Step”


A book “Chinchillas Step by Step”

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A book “Chinchillas Step by Step” Author W. Grudzień

More and more chinchilla farms are being set up in Poland. People starting a breeding farm often do not have appropriate knowledge, which results in a low rearing rate and makes the production unprofitable – after some time, such breeders become discouraged, liquidate their farms and lose the money they invested.

A chinchilla farm can be highly profitable, but it requires patience, knowledge regarding suitable zoohygienic and feeding conditions, and providing chinchillas with stress-free living conditions.

Therefore, the book is an ideal solution for those who are determined to enter the fur market – apart from information on the above-mentioned issues, it will also provide a reader with essential knowledge to set up a farm, i.e. selecting a place, necessary equipment and purchasing animals. It also includes information which help start a farm officially and a guide for keeping zootechnical documentation. There are also information regarding reproduction, rearing, slaughtering and skinning.

Thus, the book is a perfect guide, both for those who start breeding chinchillas and those who already have their own farm, but would like to improve its profitability. ”



2.Why exactly chinchillas…?

3.Selecting a place for the farm

4.Conditions on the farm

5.Farm equipment

6.Purchasing cages

7.Purchasing animals

8.Official establishment of the farm

9.Feeding chinchillas

10.Animal care

11.Breeding chinchillas

12.Births and weaning

13.Slaughtering and skinning

14.Handling hides and selling them

15.Disposal of waste

16.Farm documentation

17.List of regular and interim activities on a chinchilla farm
Title: Breeding Chinchillas Step by Step

Author: Wojciech Grudzień

Publisher: Wszechnica Edukacyjna i Wydawnicza “Verbum”

Year of issue: 2013

Cover: Paperback

ISBN: 978-83-88701-63-0

Print in colour (46 images), offset printing.

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